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The Criminal And DUI Guys Provide Comprehensive Criminal Defense Across Rancho Cucamonga and Nearby Cities

If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Rancho Cucamonga or surrounding cities, The Criminal and DUI Guys have the experience, skills and record of success to aggressively defend your rights.

We provide comprehensive criminal defense representation across Rancho Cucamonga as well as in Victorville, Fontana, Ontario, Rialto, Chino, Upland, Big Bear, Claremont, Montclair, Hesperia and other nearby communities.

At the law offices of The Criminal And DUI Guys, founder Arie Shamuilian and our team of skilled trial lawyers provide relentless criminal defense representation and counsel across a wide range of allegations including:

DUI Defense

With a stellar track record and over 300 combined DUI trial successes in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino court jurisdictions, The Criminal And DUI Guys offer proactive yet caring guidance each step from accusation to trial or dismissal.

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Hit and Run Criminal Defense

Facing hit-and-run allegations? Don’t go it alone.

The Criminal and DUI Guys specialize in these types of cases, crafting strategic and aggressive advocacy to avoid convictions. From scrutinizing the prosecution’s evidence to asserting your rights, we’re driven to protect your freedom.

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Theft Crimes

Accused of theft or larceny? Let us safeguard your future.

Our lawyers are theft crime specialists, bringing a meticulous and assertive defense approach to avoid the harshest penalties.

From dissecting the prosecution’s case to upholding your rights, we’re committed to protecting your liberty.

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Domestic Violence

Mr. Shamuilian firmly believes those accused deserve compassionate counsel and justice.

His record includes many dismissed and not-guilty domestic violence verdicts locally.

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Speed Contest

Facing street racing or speed exhibition allegations? Put experienced representation in your passenger seat.

Our attorneys are highly skilled in speed contest defenses, providing strategic and vigorous advocacy to avoid convictions.

From scrutinizing the evidence to asserting your rights, we’ll race to protect your freedom.

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Public Intoxication

Illegal firearms possession charges are complex.

The Criminal And DUI Guys carefully counsel clients on options while scrutinizing the prosecution’s arguments to uncover defense opportunities.

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For a free case review with our top-rated criminal defense trial lawyers serving Rancho Cucamonga, contact The Criminal And DUI Guys today.

Gun Arrest

Arrested on scene at a gun crime site? Our specialty attorneys forensically examine prosecutorial weaknesses, protect your rights, and build an offense to regain your freedom.

Sexual Assault

Accused of sexual assault or misconduct? False allegations happen, and our lawyer aggressively investigates accuser credibility gaps to establish reasonable doubt regarding their claims.

Possession of Firearm

Facing charges for unlawful firearm possession? Our defense lawyers pinpoint procedural problems and gather evidence to weaken the prosecution’s arguments against you.


Facing prostitution or solicitation charges? Beyond just defending your case, our caring lawyers help you get counseling and social assistance too.  

Ghost Gun Defense  

Arrested for a “ghost gun” possession? By forensically attacking sloppy handling of DIY gun kit evidence and technical statutory loopholes around homemade firearms, our attorneys have beaten these complex next-gen weapons allegations before.


Though just minor crimes, misdemeanors still carry life-changing consequences if mishandled. So our lawyers pursue dismissal by capitalizing on tiny procedural flaws and forcing higher burdens of proof upon prosecutors pre-trial.  

Juvenile Criminal Defense

If your youth has been accused criminally, our empathetic lawyers help safeguard their future by challenging credibility of state witnesses and leveraging their developmental stage towards charge reduction and rehabilitation.

Child Pornography  

Though society’s most shocking allegations, false child pornography accusations occur during divorces and breakups. So our forensic team dutifully examines device histories to prove your innocence categorically. 


Felonies transform lives so our specialty defense lawyers aggressively tackle flaws in prosecution arguments demanding elevated standards of evidence while advising on advantageous plea deals or trial strategies. 

Theft Crime  

Accused of larceny or robbery charges? These complex cases pivot on witness credibility so we investigate timelines to contradict state claims plus use sentencing guidelines creatively towards minimizing lasting impacts.
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